SunXtender Batteries are proudly made in the USA.
SunXtender Solar Battery Background Information

Sun Xtender® Deep Cycle Batteries

Sun Xtender® batteries are manufactured by Concorde Battery Corporation, the largest supplier of sealed lead acid batteries to aircraft and helicopter manufacturers worldwide. Sun Xtender® Deep Cycle renewable energy and solar batteries are produced to the same premium quality standards as the aircraft battery line with the absorbent glass mat (AGM) design adopted by the military.

Sun Xtender® offers a wide range of sizes and capacities to meet the specifications of any renewable energy project. Many battery sizes are unique to Sun Xtender®, offering designers, installers and end users the flexibility required to meet the needs of today's most demanding applications.

Sun Xtender® offers the most comprehensive selection of 12 Volt, 6 Volt and 2 Volt renewable energy batteries in the market today. Multiple terminal options are available to mate with existing cabling and to optimize battery bank layout. All Sun Xtender® batteries are produced in the USA under ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C (Aerospace) Quality Management System.

Sun Xtender® Advantages include:

  • Deep Cycle unique high density plate technology provides superior reliability, power & extended cycle life
  • Proprietary PolyGuard® protection is a microporous polyethylene separator used around the positive plate & AGM to prevent shorting from shock and vibration. Sun Xtender® is the only manufacturer providing this added layer of protection.
  • Utilizing pure lead-calcium grids, the plates are thicker than the industry standard for longer cycle life, increased reliability and power.
  • VRLA - AGM: This sealed, maintenance free design means no spilling or spewing, no watering, and the option to operate upright, on its side or on its end.
  • Shockproof high impact reinforced case restrains from bulging.
  • Copper alloy corrosion free connections allow for maximum conductivity.
  • Shipped fully charged and ready to install.
  • Sun Xtender® Batteries ship Hazmat Exempt.
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