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SunXtender Solar Battery Applications

Renewable Energy Battery Applications

Sun Xtender® AGM batteries have been specifically designed for true deep cycle, long service life capability in adverse temperatures and handling conditions. The Sun Xtender® Series consists of batteries ranging from 34 to 1215 ampere hours (rated at the 24 hour rate) in a variety of 2-volt, 6-volt and 12-volt models. The proprietary rugged design and wide array of capacities, voltages and sizes makes Sun Xtender® ideal for all renewable energy applications. Learn more about the advantages of Sun Xtender®.

Sun Xtender® renewable energy & solar batteries have been used throughout the world since 1987. The list below includes some of the more common applications:

  • Grid Tied Systems - Emergency backup for renewable energy systems tied to the local utility grid.

  • Off Grid Systems - Energy storage to power all electrical loads for residences, businesses, villages, and remote operations.

  • Backup Power - Consistent, quiet, reliable energy for mobile trailers, solar street signs, oil fields and other equipment.

  • Solar Street Lights - Reliable power with excellent cycle life in all conditions to ensure quick payback on large capital projects.

  • Smart Grid - Excellent float life to store excess energy at times of low demand and provide critical energy back to the grid during peak hours.

Sun Xtender® batteries have been used in many unique applications with stellar results.
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