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Sun Xtender® Battery Terminal Options

M8 Threaded Insert Standard Terminals (Copper Alloy)

All batteries with a "T" at the end of the part number incorporate M8 threaded insert terminals except PVX-340T & PVX-420T. M6 Threaded Insert are used for PVX-340T & PVX-420T only. All batteries are supplied with silicon bronze bolts, nuts, and washers required for installation.

A SAE Automotive Post

Optional terminal installed at the factory. Most batteries are available with an optional factory installed "A" SAE automotive type terminal by adding the appropriate suffix to the end of the part number. For example, order PVX-1040TA instead of PVX-1040T.

L Blade Terminal (Solid Copper)

Heavy duty solid copper with silicon bronze bolts, washers and nuts. PVX-2120L & PVX-2580L are "L" Blade terminals.

**Terminal Torque Values: M6 use 35 in-lbs / 4.0 nm. M8 use 70 in-lbs / 7.9 nm.

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